Fellow Republicans keep Christie in demand

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LOS ANGELES — Gov. Chris Christie of New Jersey sat center stage in a Hollywood hotel ballroom on Wednesday afternoon, next to Meg Whitman, who is running for governor of California, and told a parable of a schoolyard bully as he talked about “standing up to teachers’ unions” in New Jersey.

“And I walked up to them,” said Mr. Christie, referring to what he considered union leaders’ bullying of teachers and students, “and I said, ‘You punch them, I punch you.’ ”

Many in the audience of about 400 hooted and waved green and orange pompoms above their heads.

Just eight months after taking office, Mr. Christie is in demand by Republican candidates across the country, political consultants say, receiving many more invitations than he can accept. His appearances with Ms. Whitman are the first of many he has scheduled over the coming weeks, including events Thursday with Susana Martinez, the Republican candidate for governor of New Mexico, and a trip next week to Ohio.

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