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Now Keith Olbermann has nobody else to blame for his ‘Special Comments’

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It’s long been suspected that Olbermann writes those stupid things himself, and now there’s visual proof:

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THRILL! as Keith allows himself a gentle smile at his own wit and insight!

GASP! as Keith pauses over a subtle-but-integral word choice that lesser minds — including the vast majority of the viewing public — could never appreciate!

WONDER! at Keith’s misguided belief that his pompous babbling somehow becomes meaningful when boomed out with his very best frowny face!

Yuck. The only “leaning forward” going on is America reaching for the remote.

(Hat tip: Mediaite)

P.S. “Now is not the time to build fences around our freedom. Now is the time to emancipate our culture from the fear of losing it.” What does that even mean? It must mean something, or else Keith wouldn’t be scowling so grimly. Maybe it’s in code. Maybe if you take the first letter of each word… NINTTTBFAOFNITTTEOCFTFOLI. Hmm, nope. It couldn’t be just a bunch of horsecrap that’s supposed to sound portentous but barely qualifies as an actual thought, could it? Who’d be dumb enough to throw this much money behind that?

P.P.S. Check out the first draft.