Al Qaeda pushes snack attacks, ‘ultimate mowing machine’

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Al Qaeda’s latest target in the Washington D.C. metro area: purveyors of the $9 salad. And get ready for the Terrorist Monster Truck.

A feature in the second issue of the extremist network’s English-language magazine, Inspire, urges would-be American terrorists to case out lunch spots near government buildings inside the Beltway. Nine years ago, al Qaeda crashed a plane into the Pentagon and came dangerously close to taking out the White House. Now it wants to hit places like Cosi and Potbelly during the lunch rush in the hope of taking out “a few government employees,” writes an extremist using the name Yahya Ibrahim, who also wrote for the launch issue.

That’s not the only idea Inspire floats for al Qaeda wannabes. Got a pickup truck? Why not create the “ultimate mowing machine” by welding steel blades to the grill and driving up on crowded sidewalks to “mow down the enemies of Allah?”

But it’s “paramount” to target government workers, Ibrahim boasts, “and the location would also give the operation additional media attention,” according to our friend James Gordon Meek of the New York Daily News. In other words, killing a lot of people all at once is less important than letting Americans — and government workers in particular — know they aren’t safe in their capitol city.

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