Minka Kelly shows off why she’s the Sexiest Woman Alive 2010 [SLIDESHOW]

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Minka Kelly has it all: the looks, the moves, the smarts (she was a nurse), the man (Derek Jeter) and the talent.  It’s no surprise, then, that she was named Sexiest Woman Alive in the November issue of Esquire.

Don’t confuse Minka with your run of the mill perfect 10 starlet, though — she wasn’t always so lucky.  Her father, a musician who played briefly with Aerosmith, walked out before she was born, her mother was a “dancer … an exotic dancer … a stripper,” they moved around a lot and, perhaps worst of all, she endured the nickname of Stinka Smelly in junior high.  Boy, is she anything but.

For these reasons, we have no qualms about Esquire’s choice for such an honor, as her killer combo of looks, charm and serious backbone make her irresistible. But, if there was still any shred of doubt, Minka proves in the following photos why she’s the Sexiest Woman Alive:

All photos courtesy of Esquire.com

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