The DC Morning – 10/19/10

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1.) Which establishment Republican will receive golden pimp chalice in November? — “GOP politicians and operatives demur when asked who will get credit for a big win on Nov. 2,” writes The Daily Caller’s Jon Ward. “But that doesn’t mean they’re not thinking about whose political star might be launched after a successful election.” This is all some people are thinking about, actually, because who isn’t a little worried that Republicans are going to sashay into a shitstorm, what with the mortgage crisis part deux and people not having jobs? And who isn’t excited about turning 2010 into 2012, Republican Rahmbo style? Here are the candidates for GOP Jesus, depending on how things go: Karl Rove, Haley Barbour and Ed Gillespie. Not being considered, at all, by anyone: RNC Chairman Michael Steele.

2.) When will Obama begin complaining about liberal activist judges who are making him look bad in front of the gays? — Pundits searching for an explanation as to why Republicans have so much money to spend this election cycle need look no further than the progressive wing of the Democratic Party: What a drubbing these folks have taken over the gays! First Pres. Obama liked the gays, but not enough to watch them get married or kiss. Then he said he wanted the gays to be able to serve in the military, but not just yet. Then the president said, OK, judge, overturn Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell, but in the meantime, no gays with guns. Well, according to Reuters, not even that is going to happen, which means Obama is going to have to slander all the gays again: “During a hearing on the government’s request to stay her injunction for the time being barring enforcement of the ban, U.S. District Judge Virginia Phillips said in court: ‘My tentative ruling is to deny the application for a stay.'” Activist judges are the worst, huh, Mr. President?

3.) ‘Form anti-spending committee’ tops no one’s list of things Republicans must do immediately — The “Anti-appropriations committee,” which sounds great but will probably never exist in both the Senate and the House, was proposed by one Grover Norquist back in June. Since then, writes TheDC’s Jonathan Strong, it has gained zero traction with House Minority Leader John Boehner. Nevertheless, Norquist is enthusiastic about the possibility that some young feller who’s never tried and failed to get something done in Washington will take up the cause of the “anti-appropriations” committee and say, “This is me, this is mine, when this passes, I’m a star.”

4.) Dems too panicky for spellcheck — The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee is trying to tie Allen West to a motorcycle gang called the Outlaws, because he writes a monthly column for a magazine called Wheels on the Road that also apparently promotes the gang. (But remember, Obama had nothing to do with William Ayers or Rev. Wright!) As J.P. Freire at the Washington Examiner writes: “As for the claim that West has a strong connection to the Outlaws, the best I can come up with is that he attended and spoke at events where members of the large biker group were in attendance. His emails, ‘revealed’ by NBC News, made clear that when he was holding an event that might include some of the Outlaws, he was reluctant to describe all of them as criminal when a few had ‘guarded’ him. When confronted about it by NBC News, he noted he didn’t endorse the group. He didn’t denounce them, either, but whatever the case, it doesn’t look like he did the thing he’s being accused of having done.” As if that’s ever mattered! The funniest part is that in their zeal to get West, they spelled the name of an entire state wrong. Take heed, residents of “Flordia,” because the Democrats don’t even think enough of you to do a spellcheck on the name of your home.

5.) Tim Geithner resumes selling rancid ketchup popsicles — “In a conversation moderated by Sequoia Capital partner Michael Moritz — a former director of Google, PayPal and Yahoo — Time Geithner acknowledged the ‘damaging perception’ that the Obama administration is ‘anti-business,’ a problem he attributed in part to ‘vilifying’ rhetoric in Washington,” reports the San Jose Mercury News. When asked if cash-strapped states would get a government bailout, Geithner said, “It’s not a financial challenge. It’s a political choice,” and voters need to determine how to pay for “the essentials.” In other words, Geithner has no clue who he works for or what that guy thinks about business and paying for “the essentials,” of which Obamacare is chock-a-block full.

6.) Colorado is like another country — “Will Dan Maes hurt Republican chances for taking back the White House in 2012?” asks TheDC’s Alex Pappas. “That’s what some Republicans fear in Colorado as Tom Tancredo surges in his third party bid for governor and support collapses for Maes, the GOP’s candidate.” Why, exactly, is this a problem? Because Colorado is like Bizarro World. If people continue not wanting Maes to be in charge of things, said one GOP leader in the state, the party could be relegated to a “minor” party. “The effect of the designation of minor party status for the 2012 election would not be in the top two lines which will be reserved for the Democrat and American Constitution Party candidates….We will be left to compete for ballot position with the Greens, Socialists, American Communist Party, Libertarians. Prohibitionists etc.”

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