Obamarator: Sexing up the meaning of ‘yes we can’

Laura Donovan Contributor
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Here’s an Obama “stimulus package” you may have never expected to see.

Obamarator.com has created a vibrator in the shape of President Barack Obama, perhaps to the chagrin of first lady Michelle Obama. But Obamarator isn’t meant for people looking to use a sexual stimulation device, said Justin Grosch, president of Fun Sponge.

“It’s meant to be a gag gift, a perfect stocking stuffer,” Grosch told TheDC. “While it can be used as a sexual stimulation device, that wasn’t really the intention behind it.”

Grosch says Obamarator packages have a disclaimer against “internal” usage. He added that there were no political motivations behind the product.

“It wasn’t done to be a political statement in any way…just a humorous product to I think lighten up mood a little and provide laughs for both sides of the political spectrum,” Grosch said.

Grosch was unsure if President Obama had yet heard of Obamarator.

“It would be an honor [if President Obama] knew about the product, we’d probably send him one, although I don’t know if he’d request one,” Grosch told TheDC.

Launched on October 6, Obamarator has already found a new promoter on the Internet. Gawker has offered to give away an Obamarator to one reader who can come up with a “dirty story starring the Commander in Chief.”

The Obamarator website also offers other products, such as packs of blue Obamarator condoms.

But the Obamarator isn’t the first politically themed sexual novelty. Another popular sexually charged political action figure is the phallic Bill Clinton corkscrew, which currently has a 4.5 star rating on Amazon.

Though not a sex toy provider, HeroBuilders is similar to Obamarator in that HeroBuilders sells sexually suggestive political action figures — some examples being former Alaska governor Sarah Palin and Russian spy Anna Chapman.

“We are the best. We started the whole political thingy with a George Bush action figure in 2001,” Emil Vicale, president of HeroBuilders, told TheDC.

HeroBuilders action figures are meant to be funny and are not intended for sexual gratification purposes.

“We try to stay down the middle,” Vicale told TheDC. “You might find someone who likes Palin and he or she will buy the figure of Palin dressed in an executive suit. Palin is an attractive woman, but she’s not hot.”

Vicale said that conservatives are more likely to purchase the figure of Palin wearing an executive suit whereas liberals opt for the figure of Palin in a schoolgirl outfit. But the Palin figure in the executive suit gets fewer sales than the “X-rated” Palin action figure, which is often sold as a gag gift.

“We can figure out a buyer’s political affiliation by their purchases,” Vicale said to TheDC.

When informed about Obamarator, Vicale joked, “I gotta get me one of those!” But when asked his opinion on Obamarator, Vicale was on the fence.

“I don’t find humor in it, it’s a little overboard. There should be a line somewhere, I just don’t know where it is,” he said.

The president and first lady could not be reached for comment on Obamarator.

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