Health law unpopular in key House districts

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A majority of likely voters in the most competitive House districts support repealing the Democrats’ health overhaul, according to recent polling data.

The figures are one of the sharpest signals yet that Democrats are unlikely to translate their signature legislative achievement into success inside the voting booth. The health bill passed in March is particularly unpopular in the districts that matter most in the Republicans’ effort to retake the House.

Some of the most embattled House Democrats are the five moderates who voted “yes” on the final health-care bill after voting “no” on the House version in November 2009.

Among a small batch of Democrats who put out campaign advertisements to support the law since Labor Day, at least one appears to be toning down that support. Democratic North Dakota Rep. Earl Pomeroy in recent weeks had described his vote for the health bill as a way of protecting Medicare and rural hospitals.

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