The most uninteresting political scandal of all time

Sam Foster Contributor
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Victory’s sweet taste is finally stinging the taste buds of liberal news reporters in Alaska.  After an arduous legal battle to obtain employment records for Republican Senate candidate Joe Miller, they were finally rewarded with the documents yesterday.

The media has been after these records for some time because of purported disciplinary actions taken against Miller while he was working part-time for the Fairbanks North Star Borough. Now, thanks to those efforts, they have finally uncovered the juicy scandal the Alaskan media have been salivating over. The great Joe Miller Office Scandal begins.

The problem is that this scandal is not only toothless, it’s downright boring.

I’ll illustrate with The Office Test, which is nothing more than asking yourself, “Is this a story that won’t make me look like an idiot if I tell someone else at work?”

Let me set up the situation.

You are a leftist citizen-activist hack and though you probably don’t have a serious job, let’s assume you do. You are sitting in your cube reading the news when you are floored by Anchorage Daily News’ latest Joe Miller hit. Wasting no time, you run up to the chap in the cube next to you and begin to relay the gooey details of Joe Miller’s faux pas.

“Dude! Did you hear about that Joe Miller guy?”


“The guy running for Senate in Alaska?”


“…Well, you’ll never believe what they are reporting on the news.” Cube guy sits up a little straighter at the possibility of some juicy office news. “Well, it turns out that when this guy running for Senate was working one day, he created on online poll … AT … WORK.” Cube guy’s eyes start to glaze over as he starts turning his chair back to his desk. “No … wait … wait, that’s not all …” Cube guy starts typing away at the report that is due in an hour. “… he then went around to other people’s computer to go vote on his own poll! What a sap! Are you snoring?”

Now, when the cube guy wakes up, will he be glad or annoyed with the leftist citizen-activist hack?

Likewise, the liberal press may have overstepped in their eagerness to obtain the personal records containing the most uninteresting political scandal of all time.

Sam Foster is a writer for the blog Left Coast Rebel and editor of Upstate Political Report.  In addition to writing for The Daily Caller, he writes for Pajama’s Media and American Thinker.