iPhone alarm app gives Europe an extra hour of sleep

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Late to work this morning?

Forget those excuses about traffic jams and Halloween hangovers. You might be able to blame your iPhone.

Reports from Europe suggest a bug in the iPhone’s alarm app caused it not to adjust to Daylight Saving Time in that part of the world. Consequently, people in Europe were tweeting like crazy about waking up an hour late because of the apparent bug.

“A whole hour of peace and quiet in the office this morning without any iPhone users courtesy of Apple,” wrote a Twitter user named jamiei..

A user named garrettc wrote: “Daddy, do you remember where you were during the great iphone alarm calamity of 2010?” “No son, I was asleep”

Daylight Saving Time went into effect on Sunday in Europe, causing clocks to reset to an hour earlier. Reports suggest recurring iPhone alarms did not adjust to the new time. The time change does not go into effect until November 7 in the United States and no alarm-clock problems have been reported here.

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