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OMG, you guys, Meghan McCain is super-popular

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Meghan McCain, the author of the new worstseller Dirty Sexy Politics, AKA This Book Has More Pages Than Readers, isn’t too happy with The Daily Caller these days. On Friday, our own Alec Jacobs interviewed the curator of a Twitter account lampooning her, McCainBoobette. Here’s the satirist (satweeterist?) in action, discussing Meghan’s book tour:

TheDC: It was reported that you canceled one stop on the tour saying you were sick and then wound up tweeting from Las Vegas. What happened?

MM: whatEVER, thats just sexist DC reporters talking. No one knows what its like 2 be a young person, so what I played hookey. I love Vegas, you should go

TheDC: Is that the right kind of message to send to all the young people out there who look up to you?

MM: like their ever going to get a book deal LOL. but yeah, you dont understand how tough it is to stay in hotels and order room service on a book tour, and you have 2 travel and stuff, and its like alot of hardships. young people know about hardships & how ya just have to rock it out sometimes to deal with stress…

TheDC: What about people who say you only have a platform because of your last name?

MM: Whatever, I know that Im out there being a voice for the unrepresented, and my mom & dad say Im great. It has nothing to do with names and labels. I hate labels except cool ones like Betsy Johnson and Chanel

Well! This didn’t go over too pleasantly with The New Face of Conservatism. She fired back via the very Twitter account being mocked, McCainBlogette, proclaiming:

She’s referring to her most recent column for the Daily Beast, about that crappy non-story at Gawker about Christine O’Donnell. See, they’re both the same thing because… um… they’re both women and… er, well… it’s mean and… uh… Stop being sexist, you sexist!

Speaking of getting lots of people to pay attention to you and take you super-duper-seriously, that was the subject of one of Meghan’s previous Daily Beast columns. Originally titled “My War with Michelle Malkin” but then changed to “My Message for Michelle Malkin,” it’s all about how Meghan McCain is way more awesome than you-know-who. Here was McCain’s response to Malkin saying something that hurt her feelings:

I am consistently asked why I would want to stay in a party that has members so angry about my involvement. It’s as simple as this: I idealistically believe in the Republican Party, and I also have an emotional connection to it. But if the party continues to demand that people leave, I guarantee you that they will. If you tell people there is no place for them, they aren’t going to fight for their right to stay. They are going to rush into the open arms of the other team.

I don’t know exactly what about me threatens them so much, other than that people are listening to me. Malkin has the No. 1 book on The New York Times bestseller hardcover nonfiction list, but I have nearly twice as many Twitter followers as she does. And trust me, Twitter is more of an indication of where young people are than books published by the hyper-conservative publisher Regnery—which will be bringing you Carrie Prejean’s new book and published one of Ann Coulter’s.

That was written in August 2009. Since then, McCain’s own book hasn’t quite hit #1 on the NYT’s list yet, or any other number that’s less than her age. But at least she’s got those Twitter numbers to indicate “where young people are” and everything:

See? And then you’ve got Malkin:

Okay, you know what? That doesn’t matter either. What matters is that Meghan McCain is leading the GOP in a new direction, and you’d better listen to her. I don’t know if you guys have been paying attention lately, but there’s an election tomorrow and the Republicans aren’t exactly the most popular brand out there. Maybe another good electoral drubbing will teach you a lesson. Maybe you jerks should’ve listened to Meghan McCain. When the American people show you that you’re a thing of the past, don’t come crying to her.

She’ll be out shopping.

P.S. Trawler regular Killtruck in the comments: “No one talks about my boobs. Maybe it’s because I’ve never put pictures of them on the Internet.”

Jim Treacher