Poll: Republican voters happier with Tea Party than with GOP

Jeff Winkler Contributor
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Republican leaders who said voters put the party “on probation” after its sweeping midterm victories clearly understood what they were talking about.

A new Rasmussan poll shows that 72 percent of likely Republican voters say the GOP has lost touch with party members around the country. The survey’s findings reflect the feelings most loyal party members have had since 2008. Only 19 percent of likely Republican voters think the leadership has done a good job at representing the party’s values.

Likely Republican voters, however, are more optimistic about the Tea Party, with 72 percent saying they hold a favorable opinion of the insurgent branch of small-government legislators and supporters.

Outside of Republicans, the Tea Party movement still has something to prove. Only 41 percent of general voters view the Tea Party favorably. Another 40 percent view the movement unfavorably.

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