Bush mum on Ground Zero mosque, doesn’t want his answer compared to other presidents

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Former President George W. Bush refused to comment on the controversial proposal to build a mosque and community center near Ground Zero in New York City — saying he doesn’t want his answer to be compared to that of President Obama or other predecessors.

“Today Show” host Matt Lauer quoted remarks Bush made at a mosque in the days following September 11, where he told the nation “the face of terror is not the true face of Islam,” and “in our anger and emotion, our fellow Americans must treat each other with respect.” Lauer said that these remarks could mean that Bush would support the construction of the mosque.

“If I look at your words there,” Lauer told Bush, “It makes it seem to me as if you’re saying that the rights of Muslims should not be denied for the sake of the sorrow of others.”

“If I listen to what you’re trying to rope me into, you’re trying to get me to talk about this mosque issue,” Bush replied, to audible laughter from the crew.

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