Breitbart attacks Arianna Huffington for hypocrisy

Alexis Levinson Political Reporter
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In the wake of accusations by The Huffington Post that George Bush plagiarized his own book, “Decision Points” from books written by his advisors, Andrew Breitbart tweeted today to point out that Arianna Huffington, founder of the The Huffington Post, settled plagiarism charges for her first book, Maria Callas, in 1981.

“Irony Alert: Arianna Huffington (‘Maria Callas’, 1981), are you sure you want to accuse fmr President Bush of plagiarizing his own words?!” Breitbart tweeted on Friday.

In a similar vein, Breitbart, who is a former researcher for Huffington Post, tweeted ten minutes later: “Arianna Huffington, how exactly are your books, blogs & columns crafted? http://huff.to/dgb0Ps Enquiring fmr researchers would like to know!”