Alvin Greene At Court Hearing: I was Born to be President, I’ll Sue Y’all

Pat McMahon Contributor
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Former U.S. Senate candidate Alvin Greene was pacing the second floor of the Richland County Courthouse around 9 a.m. Tuesday in a pair of wind pants, a gray Army T-shirt and a green baseball cap, which an officer later told him to remove when he entered the courtroom without his attorney.

“It’s just a roll call,” Greene told Free Times. “At most a not guilty plea.”

Greene was indicted this summer on charges that he showed pornographic material to a college girl on the University of South Carolina campus.

While in the courtroom Tuesday, Greene said he didn’t want to see a story on his hearing in Free Times and if the paper published one he would take legal action.

“I’m going to sue y ’all,” he said, adding that the court bailiff was his witness.

Instead, Greene wanted to talk about something else.

“Write about me running for president,” Greene said. “I’m running for president of the United States.”

Greene said he was born to be president and that he turns 35 in August of 2012.

“I’m the next president,” Greene said, while sitting on a bench. “I’ll be 35 … just before November, so I was born to be president. I’m the man. I’m the man. I’m the man. Greene’s the man. I’m the man. I’m the greatest person ever. I was born to be president. I’m the man, I’m the greatest individual ever.”

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