Romney’s strategy: Stay in medal contention

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Washington’s chattering class may be consumed with former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin’s presidential prospects, but a popular theory has nonetheless gripped some of that group: In 2012 it will be former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney’s “turn” to be the Republican Party’s presidential nominee.

He’s been through the presidential campaign crucible before and come up short, then lent a hand to other Republicans and bided his time. For Republican presidential primary politics, it’s a rule, and some Republican operatives promoting Romney have bought into it over the past few years.

Bill Greener, a Republican media consultant currently neutral in the coming presidential fight, explained in an interview that in the past, “the general milieu of the party has been, ‘whose turn is it?’ That was how doubt was resolved.” He went on, “Part of being a Republican is that we hate confusion and ambiguity.”

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