Liquid crack: Before Four Loko [SLIDESHOW]

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Four Loko, a “premium malt beverage with natural and artificial flavors,” has taken over America.  Most popular with the underage and college drinking set, it has in turn caused some concerns. Why is the canned, wildly designed drink upsetting people? Well, one 23.5oz can is equal to a bottle of wine (or five beers) and two cups of coffee.  As you might imagine, this results in some loko behavior. States like Michigan, Utah, Kansas and Washington have already banned it, and Debbie Downer, ie. Sen Chuck Schumer, said federal regulators are ready to ban alcoholic energy drinks entirely.

For all of the press it’s garnering, however, the Loko drink is not the first beverage to break onto the crazy drinks scene. Here are five of its predecessors: