Lady Gaga, Kardashian sisters, Alicia Keys and other celebrities to stage ‘digital deaths’ in the name of charity

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Big time stars like Lady Gaga, Kim and Khloe Kardashian, Usher, Justin Timberlake and Alicia Keys are staging ‘digital deaths’ this week.  In the name of Keys’ charity, Keep A Child Alive, those celebrities and more will sign off Twitter and Facebook starting Wednesday in an effort to raise money for World AIDS Day.

As an incentive for their fan bases to donate, the stars will not sign on again until they have raised $1 million.  The Hollywood Gossip reports that to further dramatize their departure from the social media sites,

The [stars will]’ film “last tweet and testament” videos which will show them lying coffins to represent their “digital death.”

Sound a like a bit much? Well, apparently not to their followers — otherwise known as the millions who wait with baited breath for each time a  Kardashian deigns to tweet about her day or Lady Gaga posts a new twitpic. That aside, we hope the stars and their devoted fans succeed in raising money for a good cause.

Keep A Child Alive will accept donations via text message as well as online.