Olbermann’s Worst Person: Bristol Palin

There is an obsession on the Left with those on the Right who have made mistakes and decided to reform themselves, and in this case it’s Bristol Palin. To those on the Left like Keith Olbermann, Bristol Palin, having made the mistake of premarital sex which resulted in her little boy now apparently disqualifies her from advocating for abstinence. I guess its the same reasoning behind Ed Schultz’s continued use of his pet nickname for Rush Limbaugh as the ‘drugster’. Funny thing to me is that I’ve often found experience to be the best teacher.

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In the world I grew up in, it was always those who had seen the dangers of the ‘other side’ first hand who would come back and warn us not to go down that path. Maybe it was a lifestyle of drugs or alcohol. Maybe it someone who tried to commit suicide. Maybe it was just someone who had experienced the dangers of a broken lifestyle through a friend. Either way, we always applauded those who had overcome and many times it was only they who had made it their life’s ambition to try and save others from experiencing the same fate.

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