So far, Assange is better than Clinton

Scott Wheeler Former investigative journalist
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Does anyone else notice the eerie similarities between Julian Assange and Bill Clinton? Aside from the anti-American attitudes they both share, Assange exposed U.S. national security secrets, as did Clinton while he was president. Both were undone by claims of various forms of sexual harassment, which, however disturbing, were minor compared to the subversive activities in which they were routinely engaged. Both are self-aggrandizing, needy narcissists who require power in order to bed women. And both victimized Hillary Clinton.

Odious though they both may be, based on what we know of Assange, he is at least better than Clinton. After all, Assange didn’t sell out his own country (Australia) the way Clinton sold out the United States. And, Assange made the secrets he stole available to the entire world, Clinton only to Communist China.

The Left in this country (including the media) would prefer that we not remind the nation what Clinton did in the 90s. In fact, most of the media virtually ignored one of the biggest scandals of our nation’s history. In 1992, Bill Clinton won the presidency in part by criticizing George H. W. Bush for coddling “the butchers of Beijing.” Then, immediately upon assuming office, he began to decontrol weapons technology to Communist China. That technology propelled China through the next eight years in near-warp speed, transforming their “junk-yard army” of 1992 into one of the most technologically-advanced war-machines on the planet today. This is a machine that is capable, in their own words, of “controlling the initiative” in the “inevitable” war with the United States. Included in those Clinton transfers of military technology was cryptographic technology, ballistic missile technology, nuclear weapons technology, technologies on how to strike several American cities with multiple warheads carried on one missile, and many others.

While Bill Clinton was aiding the Communist Chinese military, he was simultaneously receiving millions of dollars in illegal donations from Chinese nationals. All of this is documented in reports from congressional investigations at the time. Essential elements of those investigations will remain sealed for many decades; Republicans, who then had the authority to make this information public, decided it would be better for America if the rest of the world didn’t know the extent of President Clinton’s corruption. And it’s that logic that ensures the Communist Chinese alone know the extent to which they compromised Clinton. The American people, for whom Clinton ostensibly worked, and whose blood will be shed when China takes the “initiative” they promised, are denied the opportunity to hold the man responsible.

Assange, on the other hand, is technologically crafty, but totally devoid of political savvy. When his leaking documents merely endangered our brave soldiers, sailors and airmen, the liberal media raised little objection to him. It was only when the fool released documents embarrassing to the Obama administration and Hillary Clinton that he was deemed to have crossed the line and he was consequently picked up on the charge of using a bad condom, solidifying his fraternity with Clinton. Clearly, though, the uniformed Democrats (and covert Democrats in the media) are truly steamed now. Stay tuned for their embrace of extraordinary rendition…and perhaps even Assange’s permanent relocation to Abu Ghraib or Gitmo!

Since his departure from the White House, Clinton has tried mightily to resurrect his image. In fact, it’s been a pursuit every bit as obsessive as his thirst for dollars and skirts. He’s been dogged, and he has been successful; abetted by the so-called mainstream media — who persist in ignoring the direct correlation between Communist China’s powerful new military and the weapons technology transferred to them by Clinton — he has honed his “legacy-building” to an art form. Even some who claim to be in the “conservative media” have assisted Clinton in this process, ingratiating themselves with puff pieces and giddily seeking to have their photographs taken with him. Note to Assange: If you have the Clinton/China documents Republicans won’t let us see, please release them at once; at the very least, your demand that Hillary be fired may be swiftly met.

Scott Wheeler is a former television producer, investigative journalist and author of the book Shadow Government: What Obama Doesn’t Want You to Know About His Czars. He is also the founder and Executive Director of the National Republican Trust PAC.