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Did Obama just quit?

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After watching the following, I think it’s a legitimate question. This afternoon Obama met with Bill Clinton. Afterward he held his third press conference this week, this time with Clinton by his side. Then this happened:

All is forgiven, Monica. Bill is back!

I guess Obama abandoning his post is some sort of brilliant strategy. Or maybe he just doesn’t want the job anymore. Maybe he’s finally realizing that the more he talks, the worse things get for him.

Say what you want about Sarah Palin quitting her job, but at least she finished her own press conference.

(Hat tip: Hot Air)

P.S. Jon Ward: “In terms of Washington political drama, Friday was an instant classic.”

P.P.S. James Taranto: “I was at the 2004 Democratic Convention, where I watched Bill Clinton deliver a very effective, though completely wrongheaded, attack on the Bush tax rates. Today I turn on the TV to see Bill Clinton holding a White House news conference to endorse those same tax rates. It’s great to see him come around, even if his return to the presidential podium runs counter to the spirit of the 22nd Amendment.”

P.P.P.S. Iowahawk called it, two whole years ago: “Ending weeks of speculation and rumors, President-Elect Barack Obama today named Bill Clinton to join his incoming administration as President of the United States, where he will head the federal government’s executive branch.”

Jim Treacher