Eternal Citizen Vigilance, Now on Your iPhone!

Pat McMahon Contributor
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I guess this app has been out for a while, but I heard about it this morning.  The Patriot App — for iPhone — allows the user to report suspicious activity to the relevant federal office, keep abreast of the FBI’s Most Wanted list, lodge product safety complaints, announce pandemics, report on government waste, and a bunch of other things people with a lot of time on their hands might want to do.

It’s fully integrated with existing social networks, so whatever you enter into the Patriot App can get Tweeted or Facebooked instantly.

It seems kind of silly to me — the notion that there’s some federal office somewhere that will actually respond to a Tweeted-in report of suspicious activity, or will hop right on that government waste complaint, is hilariously naive.   Although if you check out the iTunes page, here, you can see that some of our fellow citizens aren’t so sanguine.  Lots of talk about “1984” and “Big Brother” and (of course) Nazis, Nazi Germany, and my favorite, the “gustapo” (sic), which sounds like one of those obscure pastas.

I’ll have the gustapo with clams, thanks.

You have to be deeply out of touch with reality to think this app is going to be effective, so whether you’re for it or against it, you’re probably wasting your time.

On the other hand, it’s free.  So maybe download it.  You never know when you’re going to have to report a pandemic.