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My knee surgery went well

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Hey, guys. Just a quick note to say I’m recovering from surgery and by all accounts it was just about perfect. The docs say my x-rays look like a regular ol’ knee with a few screws in it. The surgery was expected to take 3-4 hours, but they did it in 2 because everything went just right.

Hurts like hell, but not as bad as getting hit by a car in the first place.

Okay, just wanted to check in. Thanks to my guest-bloggers this week, and I’ll see you guys soon.

P.S. Click here for a pic of the new incision, if you’re at all interested. It’s actually not as gross as the first one, which tells you how gross the first one was.

P.P.S. People are asking about the “JK” written on my leg in that pic. No, it doesn’t stand for “Just Kidding.” My fantastic surgeon, Dr. John Klimkiewicz, wrote his initials there before the surgery. I guess so he’d remember which one was the right leg. Er, I mean the correct leg!

Jim Treacher