Fun, old-fashioned family Christmas: A tribute to Clark W. Griswold [VIDEO]

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There are few men who embody the spirit of Christmas quite like Clark W. Griswold.

With his over-enthusiasm and ardent determination to have a “good, old-fashioned family Christmas,” he is the epitome of the holiday at its best. We’ve selected nine of the best Clark Griswold moments from “National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation” (1989), though there exist many more.  We ask that you pardon some of Clark’s language (he’s under a lot of stress, after all) and sincerely recommend watching the entire movie at the earliest opportunity, since there is really nothing better this time of year.

In order of appearance in the film:

Shopping, Clark Griswold style

Clark fantasizes about what he’ll do with his Christmas bonus


The WHAT was full?? (Not a Clark-centered scene, but still a good one)

How to do a proper drum roll before unveiling 250 strands of lights

Aunt Bethany says grace

“If this turkey tastes half as good as it looks …”

“Hap hap happiest Christmas”

“Where’s the Tylenol!?”

Aunt Bethany sings the national anthem