Palin says the tax compromise is ‘lousy’

Alex Pappas Political Reporter
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Former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin made it clear: She doesn’t support the “lousy” tax deal between President Obama and Republicans.

“I would rather see Congress just hold off on this,” she said Friday morning during a pre-taped interview on Good Morning America. “President Obama, hold off on this. Let the new Congress be seated and let’s do it right.”

Palin said she’s against the deal because “these are temporary tax cuts,” which will lead to an increase in taxes when the two-year extension expires.

The legislation heads to Obama’s desk today, after the House passed it late Thursday night and the Senate passed it earlier this week.

During her sit-down with ABC’s Robin Roberts, she also answered questions about a potential 2012 presidential candidacy.

Asked about a poll showing Obama trouncing her by 22 points if she were the Republicans’ nominee, Palin dismissed it by saying the primaries are “months and months” away and she will have time then to set her “record straight.”

“If I were to participate in that contested primary, I would be in it to win it,” she said.