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A village in Texas is looking for idiots

Mike Riggs Contributor

My worldly mother sent me this Craiglist posting with the subject line, “Have you considered a career in teaching?’

We are opening the first TEXAS STATE MEDICAL MARIJUANA school right here in Austin TX. We will be teaching classes on the HISTORY and FACTS of MARIJUANA, HOW TO GROW MEDICAL GRADE MARIJUANA, COOKING AND INFUSING of MEDICAL MARIJUANA, and the ins and outs of the BUSINESS, that has taken the country by storm! If you think you have what it takes to teach a class on any of these subjects, or have the background and knowledge and want to share this with the amazing residents of Austin, shoot us an email! Positions are limited, so make sure your resume & specialty stands out! Please let me know what your experience in the industry is. This could be part time or full time depending on your fit, and salary is based on performance.

*All classes will comply with TEXAS state law & TWC private schooling regulations *Must be 21+

This ad, in no way violates state law or the terms and conditions of craigslist. Every time you flag this posting it will be reposted at the top of the page! (in fact, I can not repost this for several days unless it is flagged, so…… flaggers, thank you for your cooperation & support) Everyone else……. MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!

When these ads start popping up on Craigslist Lubbock, you’ll know the tide has officially turned. Until then, I wouldn’t put myself between the amount of marijuana required to run an Oaksterdam-style operation and, say, anyone in Texas’s law enforcement community.