QB Michael Vick’s next comeback: product endorsements

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As highlight clips go, Michael Vick’s performance for Woodbury Nissan can’t match his spree Sunday at the Meadowlands.

Still, his recent star turn for the New Jersey car dealer marks another step in his remarkable comeback.

Banished from the lucrative world of product endorsements after his arrest in 2007 for running dogfights, Vick is finally being invited to step up and sell again.

Woodbury Nissan is his first client, but marketing experts expect more to follow, as long as Vick and the Eagles keep winding up on top.

“Just win, baby, win!” said Darren Marshall, senior vice president of the Chicago marketing firm Revolution. “It doesn’t matter how bad you were a few years ago. We are a nation of believers in the second chance.”

Vick once earned an estimated $7 million a year endorsing products such as Nike shoes and Coca-Cola. He lost it all with his arrest and conviction for his involvement in dogfighting.

Full story: Vick’s next comeback: product endorsements | Philadelphia Inquirer | 12/21/2010