Retro cheerleaders at their best [SLIDESHOW]

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The Super Bowl is no longer a distant event, but an imminent reality.

As such, it is appropriate to discuss and plan for every minute detail of the televised spectacular. Will the Black Eyed Peas lip sync? Will one of their tops fall off? What commercials will become phenomenons? And, the obvious, who will win?

These questions, while pertinent, made us realize just how complex the Super Bowl has become.  Yes, of course, such components — the halftime performance, commercials, the winners — have always been paramount, but now seem overwhelmingly so. As a refreshing turn from all of the hype and commercialization of the game, we decided to go back to a simpler time. A time when the beauty, entertainment and joy of the game was left to one group: the cheerleaders.

Here, we pay homage to the retro cheerleader, in all her polyester blend, chiffon-clad glory:

All photos courtesy of The Orlando Sentinel