Video: New York City policeman swears at and fights with suspect before making arrest

Will Rahn Senior Editor
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In a video obtained by NYC the Blog, a New York police officer engages in a spirited back-and-forth with a suspect, trading insults and occasionally fighting before an arrest is finally made.

The cop drags the suspect down a flight of subway stairs before challenging the suspect to fight back. “Yah, I like that,” the man says after being punched by the as-yet-unidentified police officer. “Fuck you … suck my dick.”

After continued badgering, the cop removes his baton.

“Oh, you’re gonna shoot me?” the suspect asks.

“I’m not the one who just got dragged down the stairs,” notes the police officer.

Both men yell for several minutes before the suspect is placed under arrest. The whole bizarre scene unfolded, in front of several onlookers, at a Bronx subway station last Thursday.

Police brutality? You be the judge.