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Rauf Wiedersehen

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Remember Park51? The Ground Zero Mosque? The Shiny Happy Rainbow Togetherness Clubhouse for Everybody Who’s Not a Jew? Whatever that place is called? Well, it sounds like somebody got tired of carrying all those lies around:

Long-simmering tensions between co-founders of the proposed Islamic center and mosque near ground zero led to a parting of the ways on Friday that sharply reduced the role of one: the imam Feisal Abdul Rauf, long the project’s public face…

The split was announced unilaterally by Mr. Abdul Rauf’s partner in the project, Sharif el-Gamal, the real estate investor who owns the former coat store at 51 Park Place where the 13-story center is planned.

In a statement that took Mr. Abdul Rauf by surprise, according to a spokesman for the imam, Mr. Gamal said the imam and his wife would no longer raise money for or speak on behalf of the project, known as Park51, though Mr. Abdul Rauf would remain on its board.

In other words: You’re fired. Take care now. Buh-bye.

Jim Treacher