Et tu Priebus? Steele says he feels like Julius Caesar

Steven Nelson Associate Editor
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In an interview published Tuesday by Tim Mak on the FrumForum, former Republican National Committee Chairman Michael Steele said that being challenged for re-nomination by ally Reince Priebus was a betrayal that made him feel like Julius Ceasar.

“I know exactly how Caesar felt,” Steele said, claiming that Priebus had plotted his challenge for up to eight months in advance of the chairman election.

Priebus was formerly the chairman of the Wisconsin Republican Party, and was appointed by Steele as general counsel of the RNC.

“I trust my friends. Well, I guess the adage is right. In Washington, you should get a dog… We put a lot of resources in Wisconsin over the last two years… that’s what you do for [the] team,” Steele said.

“All I know is that what goes around does come around,” Steel said. “That’s the nature of politics.”

The interview briefly dealt with various controversies that unfolded during Steele’s chairmanship, including alleged poor management, which Steele called “ just bull.”

“I wasn’t involved in it at all,” said Steele of a controversy arising from expenditures at a raunchy bondage-themed nightclub. Steele claims that the money spent was ultimately recovered, although it had not been for months following the event, and said “we fired the individual involved.”

What is in the future for Michael Steele? He suggested that he will make more television appearances and consider playing an active role in the 2012 presidential election.