Metro pirates raid train on Washington’s Orange Line

Steven Nelson Associate Editor
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On Thursday the blog Unsuck DC Metro reported that a gang of armed robbers boarded an Orange Line Metro train in the middle of the evening rush hour on December 23, forcing passengers to the ground and demanding their belongings.

Most Metro passengers are certainly unaware of this incident, as it was not previously reported and Metro, understandably, made no effort to see to the contrary. The blog was provided the information by a victim and received a rapid confirmation by Metro.

According to the blog, “three of the men entered through the front door of the car, and the other three entered through the last door of the same car” on a train at the Stadium Armory station.

“Some of the male passengers were ordered to the ground, and some of the robbers kicked them repeatedly,” according to the blog’s source.

The source said that the robbers “proceeded to rob — at gunpoint — passengers of their wallets, cell phones, iPods, shoes and other valuables.”

“One woman tried pushing the emergency button several times, but never got a response from any Metro employee.”

The witness called the police, but did not speak into the phone.

The post on Unsuck DC Metro received a rapid confirmation from Metro, which claimed credit for an immediate response to the situation. The response, reported by CBS affiliate WUSA 9, said that only two robbers were apprehended and that the stolen property was recovered.

According to Metro, police received two calls reporting the robbery. “The victims did not report the use of a weapon during the incident” said Metro, however Metro did say, “the victims were treated for minor lacerations at the station,” indicating an assault by the robbers.