California students test scores disappear

Alyssa Moody Contributor
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It’s every high school senior’s worst nightmare: You study for months, develop ulcers, remember to put fresh batteries in your graphing calculator, and your test scores go missing.

After taking the ACT, a college entrance exam, 100 students in Oakland, Calif. received the devastating news that their scores were lost in the mail, ABC reports. The missing scores may severely jeopardize college plans for these graduating seniors, through no fault of their own.

The test scores are required for admission by nearly every academic institution around the country, unless the student took the SAT exam, which many students opt not to do. ACT has taken full responsibility for the mishap, and has waived the fee for the affected students to re-take the exam in February. However, most colleges make their admissions decisions by March, and the students would not have their scores back in enough time to submit them by the deadline.

All hope is not lost. A representative of ACT told ABC that the involved students have been “urged to contact the college(s) and inform them of the situation,” adding that most colleges and universities have been “understanding” of similar situations in the past.

The missing scores may have shattered the collegiate dreams of these students. Instead of enjoying their final months of high school, they must re-take the difficult four-hour exam, and hope that their applications will still be considered for Fall admission.