Chris Christie hasn’t ruled out 2016 run

Laura Donovan Contributor
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Though he’s repeatedly said he has no interest in a 2012 presidential run, Republican New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie hasn’t ruled out 2016, The Hill reports.

“Well, who knows? That’s, what, five years from now?” Christie said in a Thursday interview with Fox Business Network. “And who knows what life is going to be like five years from now? And I have a job to do over the next three years here in New Jersey to make things happen here, to continue to build the momentum we have.”

Christie said there are a number of factors that would play into a 2016 presidential run. He added that he’s not even sure he’ll run for gubernatorial re-election in 2013.

“I have to decide whether to seek re-election in New Jersey in 2013 to another term, and if I did, would I get reelected?” Christie said. “There’s all kinds of variables.”

Christie said a significant determinant would be his personal readiness for presidency.

“It’s, ‘do you feel ready?’ And as I’ve said many times before, I think if you’re going to run for president of the United States, you have to feel ready, and I’m not running for president because I don’t feel I’m ready,” Christie said.

Fox Business anchor Neil Cavuto said, “You already have more experience now than Barack Obama did.”

“I understand,” Christie said. “And I also understand that people will say that there’s great opportunity here because the field is wide open for someone like me to run, but I don’t think those are reasons to run, because you might have more experience than someone else or because there might be great political opportunity. I think the job is much too serious.”

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