On Valentine’s Day, not even Washingtonians are immune to Cupid’s arrows

Alexis Levinson Political Reporter
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It’s Valentine’s Day, and Washington just witnessed (now-former) Rep. Chris Lee fumble with shirtless photos and Craigslist in attempt to find true love. Or something. Perhaps Capitol Hill could use a few reminders of what romance really is. So we called around to find out: What is your idea of a romantic evening? Read and learn, ladies and gentleman. And have a happy Valentine’s Day.

Trent Lott, former Senate Majority Leader

TV dinner with my lovely wife.

Jeff Kimbell, president of Jeffrey J. Kimbell & Associates

1) Waking up before dawn on the South Island of New Zealand to hike several miles to the top of Manuka Point below Mt. Hutt to stalk and “harvest” a trophy, 31 point Red Stag, arguably the most majestic animal
on the planet.

2) Sleeping on a boat off the East Cape of Baja California Sur (Pacific Ocean) chasing yellowfin tuna; Slicing up fresh sashimi on the stern with soy and wasabi

3) Chasing off grizzlies with a Smith & Wesson .454 “Debate Ender” while throwing dry flies to massive Rainbow Trout and grayling on the glacial Talachulitna River in the Denali wilderness in deep Alaska.

4) Naming our son Hunter following the escapades …

Michael Hayden, former CIA director and NSA director

Dinner at home. I don’t mind cooking. Good wine. Candles and a relaxed pace.

Mary Matalin, Republican political consultant

Valentine’s romance operates on formulas of relativity. For unmarried couples, the relativity goes to relationship aspirations. The higher the aspirations, the greater the romance requirements. For married couples, the elements in the calculation are number of years married, number/gender/age of children. For instance, while a newlywed and/or father of sons should send long-stemmed red roses (no substitutes) and good carry-out, a man married for 20 years with two teenage daughters needs to think of VDay as a jewelry giving opportunity at his daughters’ choice of dining establishments. Handmade cards good at any age, all relationships.

Phil Musser, Republican political consultant

Day of skiing, couples massage, good dinner, hot tub.

Joshua Green, senior editor at the Atlantic

Dinner with my wife, and no deadlines

Chad Kolton, Partner at HDMK

I was born and raised in the Garden of Eden — the upper midwest — so my idea of a romantic night is sitting out on the beach by one of the big lakes with a clear, starry sky, nice fire and bottle(s) of wine. When those elements aren’t all available the wine will suffice.

Douglas Holtz Eakin, former director of Congressional Budget Office, president of American Action Forum

Romance is not my strong point (easily documented), but I DO like to snuggle up in front of a roaring fire of Obama positions secure in the knowledge that he will flip-flop enough to ensure warmth for eternity.

Trevor Fitzgibbon, Founder and President, FitzGibbon Media

I would say, cooking dinner for my wife — shrimp and grits — and listening to the new REM song “Oh my heart.”