Zoo animals roam halls of U.S. Capitol offices, leave their ‘mark’ in committee room

Chris Moody Contributor
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Something stinks in the Appropriations Committee room and it’s not the budget.

Renowned animal expert Jack Hanna made a trip to Capitol Hill Wednesday, visiting congressional offices with his kangaroo and two baby cheetahs — and according to Hanna, the animals “left their mark” in some very high places.

Hanna left a bunch of animals in the Appropriations Committee room where some of them decided to let Congress know what they thought of the government. Remember, animals can’t talk.

Hanna: I figure if I leave the mark of the animals that these guys will get the point, you understand what I’m saying?

TheDC: Did they leave their mark?

Hanna: Oh, yeah.

TheDC: In the Appropriations room?

Hanna: Oh, yeah.

TheDC: Who cleaned it up?

Hanna: Well, nobody yet, because I want to see how much money I get.

Hanna, the director emeritus at the Columbus Zoo in Ohio, makes the trip to Washington every year to raise awareness about zoos and aquariums.

“Education is the number one goal of what we do,” Hanna said. “Used to be conservation, but today it’s education.”

“We’re going to turn them all loose,” Hanna joked. (Would anyone notice?)


Alex Brown contributed to this report.