Wasserman Schultz claims ‘Obamacare’ violates House rules

Laura Donovan Contributor
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Don’t say “Obamacare” around Fla. Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz, who called it a “disparaging” word during a House floor health care debate Friday after two GOP House members, including Ga. Rep. Tom Graves, used it to describe the health care reform law.

“Is it a violation of the House rule wherein members are not permitted to make disparaging references to the President of the United States?” Wasserman Schultz asked the chairman.

“In two previous gentlemen’s [sic] statements on the amendment,” Wasserman Schultz continued. “Both of them referred to the Affordable Care Act, which is the accurate title of the health care reform law, as ‘Obamacare.’ That is a disparaging reference to the President of the United States, it is meant as a disparaging reference to the President of the United States…It is clearly in violation of House rules against that.”

“Gentlelady has stated a hypothetical,” the chairman said. “Chairman will not rule on a hypothetical but will urge all members in this discussion…to refrain from engaging in personalities or descriptions about personalities in general.”

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