Chinese Ambassador Jon Huntsman wanders into crowd of Chinese protesters in Beijing

Amanda Carey Contributor
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Video is circulating around the web of U.S. Ambassador to China and prospective GOP presidential candidate Jon Huntsman wandering through a crowd of Chinese protesters. The crowd was part of the “Jasmine Revolution” protests in the country’s capitol of Beijing.

Rumors of Huntsman’s sighting surfaced Monday, and were confirmed by the video that show the ambassador standing outside a McDonald’s at Wangfujing – the location of what is being called the “Jasmine Non-Revolution”.

Huntsman can be seen wearing dark sunglasses and a leather jacket sporting an American flag. But the ambassador’s apparel didn’t disguise him from the crowd.

One member of the crowd noticed Huntsman and called out to him, saying “Hey, Mr. Ambassador, what are you doing here?”

“I’m just here to look around,” replied Huntsman in Chinese.

“You want to see China in chaos, don’t you?” pressed the protester.

“No, I don’t,” was Huntsman’s reply.

At that point, the Chinese protester can be heard telling others around him that Ambassador Jon Huntsman is in attendance. That’s when Huntsman walks away with his bodyguards.

Huntsman, a former governor of Utah, announced his resignation as Ambassador to China in January. He will leave his post on April 30.