Hockey coach goes wild, strips during temper tantrum [VIDEO]

Steven Nelson Associate Editor
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Greg Pankewicz, an assistant coach for the professional hockey team the Colorado Eagles, has been suspended from work after stripping on ice.

In a widely circulated YouTube video, Pankewicz throws his jacket and other items onto the ice in a fit of rage against the referee.

After being given a one game suspension, Pankewicz unbuttons and tosses his dress shirt onto the ice, then his undershirt. The behavior earned the coach a 14 game suspension.

According to Denver’s local CBS affiliate, the hockey league’s commissioner said in a statement, “The Central Hockey League will not tolerate such behavior and found Mr. Pankewicz’s conduct to be completely unacceptable to our member clubs, the officiating staff and our fans.”

Further penalties are under consideration. The Eagles won the game 5-1.

WATCH: Hockey coach goes wild, tosses clothes on ice: