Snooki to ‘Rolling Stone’: ‘I’m trying to build an empire’

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With the notable exception of an afternoon bender that left her in handcuffs, Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi has been pretty quiet on this season of Jersey Shore. But don’t go thinking she’s done partying — far from it. As the self-described Oompa-Loompa explains to Rolling Stone, we are witnessing the dawn of a Snooki Imperium. “I’m trying to build an empire, because after this, I cannot get a normal job,” she explains. (Admittedly, it is hard to imagine Snooki pursuing a law degree, or becoming a sassy medical examiner, or working the assembly line in a declining American automobile factory. Although wouldn’t you want to see Snooki take on the fat-cat old boys’ club at City Hall? These are all free spin-off pitches, MTV.) Snooki has a plan, you see: “What I’d like to do is turn out like Jessica Simpson, with her whole brand.” Considering that Jessica Simpson is still in the news 12 years after her first hit single, we can conclude that Snooki will almost certainly be a co-host on The View by 2021.

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