Palin backs Walker, says fire fleebaggers

Jeff Poor Media Reporter
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When times get tough, the tough get going … or they go on Fox News.

On Saturday’s “Justice with Jeanine” on the Fox News Channel, former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin weighed in on the turmoil in Wisconsin. Her solution: fire the senators standing in the way of Republican Gov. Scott Walker’s budget proposal.

“Yes, they absolutely should be fired,” Palin said, speaking of the Democratic state legislators who fled Wisconsin in order to avoid voting on Walker’s budget plan. “They should be recalled. You know, they retreated. It’s not like they reloaded, they retreated. They’re not doing their job. Bless his heart, that Wisconsin governor is doing all that he can to allow his state to be solvent and he certainly isn’t getting any help from the Democrats.”

Palin added that Walker’s tough budget plan is necessary in order for Wisconsin to live within its means.

“You know you do need to call them back and get them to be held accountable and have them do their job,” she added. “I mean what a deal this governor of Wisconsin is having to deal with, in state. I mean, in states we have for most of us. constitutional mandates to balance our budgets and we can’t just go out and print more money. We have an obligation to live within our means and that’s what this governor is trying to do.”