TheDC Exclusive: O’Keefe contests NPR’s e-mails prove media outlet did not want to accept Muslim Brotherhood money

Matthew Boyle Investigative Reporter
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National Public Radio released internal e-mails between now-ousted CEO Vivian Schiller, newly-appointed temporary CEO Joyce Slocum and other senior NPR officials in an attempt to push back on video released by conservative James O’Keefe suggesting that the organization was willing to take money from what it thought was a Muslim Brotherhood front group.

NPR spokeswoman Anna Christopher told the left-wing Talking Points Memo that the now-known-to-be anonymous gift “never got beyond the internal drafting stage — and was never sent. Period.” She backed up her new claims by sending TPM four pages of e-mails TPM says show NPR “refused” the donation. But, in an exclusive e-mail to The Daily Caller, O’Keefe says not so fast.

“If you look closely at the e-mails they don’t constitute a refusal,” O’Keefe told TheDC. “There is plenty more material on the way.”

In fact, the internal e-mails show the senior NPR executives were seriously considering taking a large donation from what they believed to be a Muslim Brotherhood front group, which was in actuality a phony organization put together by O’Keefe. The e-mails also show that the only thing that scared the NPR brass about the donation was the organization’s 501c3 tax status. Their internal communications didn’t show any concern about accepting money from an organization that was purportedly associated with the Muslim Brotherhood.