Hackers post Bank of America documents

Josh Kinney Contributor
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The scattered hacktivist subculture “Anonymous” posted emails Monday from a former employee of Bank of America Corp., claiming the bank committed mortgage fraud and hid foreclosure information.

My Fox reported that a former employee from Balboa Insurance owned by BOA, a leader in insurance tracking, leaked the email exchange from late last year between Balboa employees about removing files related to certain insured properties.

Bank of America denied the allegations.

“We are confident that his extravagant assertions are untrue,” a Bank of America spokesman said to Reuters, claiming the documents were unrelated to foreclosures and the source was a disgruntled former staffer.

According to Anonymous, the former employee went to the person behind the website and the Twitter of @OperationLeakS, both of which were not associated with Anonymous but now “seems to identify” with them, a member of the group claims.

“Anonymous stepped in to help make sure it got out,” said the source within Anonymous, “Our primary goal with this leak is to get others to stand up and do the same thing as our source did; tell the truth.”

According to The Charlottee observer, the employee said he was passed over for a job and labeled a terrorist by the bank.

Forbes reported that the emails, between OperationLeakS and the Balboa employee claim that BOA is “run like a cult.”

WikiLeaks was rumored to release documents about a large American bank.  When asked if Anonymous had released that particular information they responded, “Maybe, maybe not.”