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If you want to know what Nancy Pelosi is up to, just listen to her accusations against her opponents

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How can you tell when Nancy Pelosi is lying? Her lips move as far as medical science will allow:


As Ed Morrissey notes:

“Democrats have long fought for fiscal responsibility…”? With an entitlement bomb approaching, Democrats added nearly $300 billion annually to discretionary spending in just three budget cycles. Pelosi refused to fulfill the primary constitutional duty of Congress throughout 2010 merely for political maneuvering, spending 52 weeks shirking her responsibilities. Now she’s complaining because Republicans have taken 11 weeks in 2011 cleaning up the mess she left behind in 2010.

There may be better examples of shamelessness, but I’m not sure I’d want to see them.

You might say she’s simply delusional, and I used to think that too. But no, she’s not. She knows she’s lying. That’s the whole point: You accuse your opponents of all the stuff you’re actually doing, as a distraction. (See also “astroturf.” And “the CIA lied to me.”) And it’s okay, because if they didn’t want you to lie about them, they wouldn’t have opposed you in the first place.

At least we took away that big-ass gavel

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Jim Treacher