Kate Middleton marries the wrong prince on wedding mug

Laura Donovan Contributor
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Commemorative mug creators put Kate Middleton into a hairy situation when they wrongly announced on a printed mug that Middleton would be marrying Prince Harry, her future brother-in-law and the sibling of her fiance, Prince William.

The Telegraph reported Tuesday that the mug, which was manufactured by Chinese firm Guandong Enterprises, shows headshots of Middleton and Prince Harry beside one another with the names “Kate” and “Will” below their photographs. On the back of the cup reads the inscription: “The fairytale romantic union of all the centuries. 29th April 2011.”

Guandong Enterprises is reportedly registered in the U.K. and has a BCM Box London address, which means the photo flub could be a hoax rather than a mere mistake on the company’s part.

A St. James’s Palace spokesman declined to comment on the inaccurate mug.

The company’s website states in small print that the drinking vessels “are not supplied to, or approved by, Prince William of Wales, Catherine Middleton or any member of the Royal Family.”