‘Maxim’ founder Felix Dennis on Trump, Breitbart, Gutfeld and getting rich

Matt K. Lewis | Senior Contributor

The other day I had a chance to interview Felix Dennis: Maxim magazine founder, media-mogul, and author of the recently published “The Narrow Road: A brief guide to the Getting of Money.”

Along with a few pointers for millionaire wannabes (“you’ll never get rich by working for your boss”) — Dennis offered his thoughts on a few of today’s iconic success stories.

“You can say whatever you like about [Donald Trump],” he told me, “but the facts of the matter are that he’s impossible to kill…This guy comes back and he has surmounted difficulties again and again. No matter what you may think about, you know, ‘the Don’, you’ve got to admire that…He will not die. He will not roll over. He will not give up.”

Dennis also reassures New Media mogul Andrew Breitbart to take note of Steve Jobs’ (bumpy) rise to fame, and to be wary of the instant success: “Keep on doing what you’re doing, but do not ever believe that you will not make an error…. And do not believe your own B.S.”.

Revealing a more whimsical side to the business world, Dennis elaborates on an on-air prank he pulled by “firing” RedEye’s Greg Gutfeld.

Check out the entire conversation here to get every last tidbit of Felix Dennis’ infinite wisdom (for example: “A regular paycheck is like crack cocaine”).  Or subscribe to the podcast on iTunes.

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