Just In: Many government workers are Dems!

Mickey Kaus Columnist
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Developing …: Breakthrough analysis by Patchwork Nation, which seems to be affiliated with PBS, determines that when a Republican governor declares war on public employee unions, Democrats do better in those areas where public employees live! … This “significant shift” may “hit the GOP in future votes,” Dante Chinni ominously intones (though the GOP won this particular vote, and it’s hard to imagine them doing more in the future to piss off public employees).  In any case, what’s the GOP supposed to do–figure that so many people now work for the government that they might as well give up? Or decide that they better cut down the size of the government workforce now before it’s too late? … P.S.: In fact, in Chinni’s “Service Worker Centers” only 14 percent of the population worked for government, compared with 11 percent statewide and 9 percent in the “Monied Burbs” that went mainly for GOP governor Walker–further reinforcing the impression that Chinni is teasing out a blindingly obvious correlation from relatively unexciting variations in population. …

Mickey Kaus