Top five jokes on Donald Trump’s ‘Taj-Ma helmet’ hair

Laura Donovan Contributor

If real estate powerhouse Donald Trump is serious about running for president, he should probably acquire thick skin, as his fluffy hair tends to attract negative attention.

Trump, who has been a key promoter of the idea that President Barack Obama may not have been born in the United States, has been the subject of many hair jokes lately. Celebrities, opponents, and supporters alike can’t figure Trump’s mop out, and some people have even joined the Trump “Balders” movement, attesting that the billionaire shouldn’t be eligible for the presidency because his hair came from another country.

If you have more fun debating the origin of Trump’s mane than Obama’s birth place, you’ll be amused by our compilation of the most hilarious Trump hair jabs of all time.

5. Comedian Robin Williams describes Trump’s mane as “the creature”

“I believe the hair is actually The Donald,” Williams told Joy Behar last week. “That’s actually the creature.”

Williams explained more about “the creature,” saying it comes to life, orchestrates Trump’s life, and asks, “How are we doing today? Who shall we marry next?”

“He wants to see Obama’s birth certificate, I want to see his hairline,” Williams said. “I think that’s actually a helmet!”

4. Alec Baldwin likens his mother’s hair to Trump’s

“30 Rock” star Alec Baldwin stooped to a new low when he compared his mom’s locks to Trump’s mane, noting that she had “a very serious comb-over” following a major chemotherapy induced hair loss.

“She’s a breast cancer survivor, so she has what we call [Donald] Trump hair,” Baldwin told talk show host David Letterman. “We call it the onion loaf, it’s a very serious comb-over, we have to fluff it really well.”

3. David Letterman asks if Trump has hair or a “Taj-Ma helmet”

In 2002, television personality David Letterman laid out 10 ways to describe Donald Trump’s hair. They included:

No. 7: Trumpy
No. 6: Strangely hypnotic
No. 5: Unbe-weave-able
No. 4: Wiggy
No. 1: Taj-Ma helmet

2. Tracy Morgan says “The Apprentice” host conceived an illegitimate Harlem child who has floppy hair like his dad

Comedian Tracy Morgan joked earlier this month that he’d investigated Trump and learned that the billionaire fathered a young boy in Harlem.

“I got some people up town in Manhattan checking you out…Little black boy with blue eyes and hair that go like this,” Tracy said on “The Daily Show,”  imitating Trump’s flying mane. “Come see that boy. Come see that boy, Donald.”

1. Letterman makes parallels between Trump’s hair and “Beverly Hills Chihuahua” film

Television host Letterman can’t say enough about Trump’s mane, which he once compared to D-list children’s movie “Beverly Hills Chihuahua”.

“The Beverly Hills Chihuahua is ready for Halloween. He’s dressing up as that thing on Donald Trump’s head,” Letterman said in 2008.