Is Kate’s sexual history fair game for the media?

Matt K. Lewis Senior Contributor
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Is it just me, or was this comment a bit much?

That was, by the way, London bureau chief for the “New York Times,” John Burns, appearing on Monday’s “Morning Joe”.

When asked if in 1981, Charles would have been allowed to marry a commoner, Burns responded:

I think much of the unhappiness that ensued after that marriage had to do with the pressure there was on Charles to marry an innocent girl. I think that was a huge mistake. That’s not being repeated now.

PopEater, a celebrity gossip site, put it this way, “after eight years of living and traveling together, no one seems to mind that William and Kate know each other much more intimately.”

I realize the ridiculous amount of coverage of this wedding necessitates a certain amount of granular coverage, but is this really an appropriate topic of conversation for the media to engage in?