Royal wedding portrait cuts off Prince William’s receding hairline

Laura Donovan Contributor
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Kate Middleton and Prince William glow in their newly released black and white wedding portrait, even though it indiscreetly cuts off the royal man’s balding head.

The photo, which was first obtained in the United States by Us Weekly, was taken by esteemd photographer Mario Testino, who also took the couple’s engagement picture, photos of the late Princess Diana, and shots of numerous celebrities. The new portrait appears in the royal wedding program, which is now available to download.

The press has been aware of Williams’s thinning hair for years. In 2009, the Daily Mail wrote about his widening bald spot. As reported by the Associated Press in March, the 28-year-old prince’s hair has become a major public focus lately in light of the royal wedding.

“Considering his young age and the unpredictability of where [William’s] hair loss is going to end, his main priority should be to stabilize his situation,” Dr. Bessam Farjo, a British hair restoration surgeon, told the AP. “Some medications certainly have a track record of stopping the hair loss so long as the person continues to use (them).”

Williams’s bald spot is especially noticeable because his younger brother Harry has a fluffy, thick mane that seems to have dodged the family trait of receding hairlines. Their dad Charles and grandfather Prince Philip experienced it, but at a slower pace.

Watch the crowd reacting to Prince William’s bald spot: