Hannity sincerely praises the White House: ‘It was the right thing to do’

Jeff Poor Media Reporter
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While some struggled to determine what exactly Rush Limbaugh meant with his words in the wake of the Osama bin Laden announcement, the guy who follows Limbaugh’s time slot on the airwaves, Sean Hannity, had nothing but praise for President Barack Obama.

On his Monday radio show, Hannity called the president’s action “gutsy” and said that the issue isn’t political for him.

“I think what they did in the White House was a gutsy move,” Hannity said. “It was the right thing to do and now that we got this information from enhanced interrogation, I wonder if all [of] these liberal blasting me on Twitter are willing to praise President Bush for getting the intelligence ultimately. It’s just a thought. This isn’t political for me. This is about the safety and security of our country and in that sense, nothing is political. Anyone who does the right thing, I’m on board with.”

Hannity explained the unilateral action to take out bin Laden is what some conservatives have advocated for years when it comes to these matters.

“Now do you notice in this case that President Obama acted unilaterally,” he continued. “He didn’t seek out approval from the U.N. or NATO, or even Pakistan. And Pakistan is saying that they violating their sovereignty by killing Bin Laden. That fine — being a conservative, I’m fine with it. It’s exactly the kind of thing we have been arguing and we have been in favor of for years. It’s liberals if you recall that insisted unilateral actions are wrong. ‘It’s counterproductive, contrary to international law and the Geneva Conventions.’”

Hannity wondered how liberals would respond to the president’s unilateral action.

“Well I wonder what they’re going to say now?” Hannity said. “Are they going to concede that unilateralism can bring about a great good? Multilateralism in this case would have blown the entire operation. I mean there are some real questions we got to ask here. All right, does that mean that we can use enhanced interrogation techniques because they provide intelligence that can get the bad guys and lead to celebrations like we had last night?”